What this site is

There is already a blog that deals with leftism in film: http://www.socialistfilms.org/ so why another site?

Firstly, it seems that the socialist films site has gone dormant and hasn’t been updated in some time, and many of us would like to see a continuation of the exploration of films from socialist countries to expose them to an audience who may not have otherwise been able to know about the films (and even if they can’t view the films easily, they can at least learn about them).

Secondly, the socialist film review site is focused on films from socialist countries specifically and does not include socialist/leftist films from other countries. There are many films that deal with socialism and leftist themes that come from places like the West that are also worth exploring and dealing with for a blog about socialism in film. So in a sense this blog can be seen as an attempt to continue the work of socialist film review and to expand its original scope.


3 thoughts on “What this site is

  1. Excellent little site. I had considered doing something similar myself, but you beat me to it. If you would like any contributions or suggestions for other films to review feel free to get in touch.

  2. Check out Kin Dza Dza. It explores class through the lense of a SciFi and was made in the USSR.

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