The Left Film Review is a website that catalogs films that demonstrate important leftist themes/subjects.  The main focus of the site is to educate people about leftist films, primarily from the West and non-socialist countries (although films from historical and existing socialist countries will some times be posted), that have these themes, as films that do are often overlooked.

Hopefully you will use this site as a resource when looking for progressive films and view it as a sort of launching pad for further research, a better understanding of the political aspects of film, and hopefully as a way to connect to others in enacting social change.


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  1. Dystopia: What is to be done? is a 65 minutes long documentary about a compendium of crises facing humanity now and in the near future. It is available for free ‘true streaming’ viewing on the website. There is also a one minute trailer on the site itself as well as on YouTube. The film is certainly “leftist”; but hey, just check it out.

  2. I was wondering if anybody had seen the 60’s french film Masculin Feminin. It’s a Jean luc-goddard film and it does, to me, have some strong leftist tendencies. Even without, it is still a really good film

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